Analyzing the most popular multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platforms

multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platforms

When business owners and managers are looking for multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platforms, they are usually focused on the best ones. This is quite logical given that users can choose from dozens of platforms like this. But, the truth is that each of them has some unique features and the same goes for the businesses – every business is different. So, the best solution depends on your business and the channels you are using. In addition, you should take the number of monthly orders into account too. In any case, we have prepared a list that contains a few reliable multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platforms.


This popular eCommerce platform comes equipped with a very helpful channel manager feature. With the help of this feature, every business owner can sell in more than one place. The good thing is that every user can try this feature for free. Users are using this feature to connect their stores with social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. They also use them to connect to popular online marketplaces including Rakuten, Amazon, and eBay.


This is another excellent solution for a wide array of businesses. In case you don’t have more than 20 orders per month, then you should choose this option. Shoplo is a free eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes. It comes with a multi-channel feature and offers tons of integrations with popular platforms like Shopify and Etsy. It is possible to create product feeds that you can use for your Google AdWords ads, Facebook shop and more. We should also mention that this solution comes with a very nice, smooth, user-friendly interface. Even though it’s good for enterprises with a small number of sales, it’s usually used by medium-sized businesses.


Magento represents a successful open source platform focused on eCommerce. In order to access the multi-channel feature, you will have to use an extension called Marketplace Multi-Vendor module. Thanks to this extension, you will be able to convert an existing Magento website into a multi-channel marketplace. Magento comes with tons of features that can improve your business on many levels. This is also a great option to scale up with. However, Magento can be very difficult for some users because it requires some coding skills for customization.

Shopify Plus, OpenCart, Channel Advisor – these are a few other useful options that you can try too.

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